Delicious Culinary In Bandung

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Delicious Culinary In Bandung

Delicious Culinary In Bandung – For those of you who really like traveling, surely the place that you often visit is the city of Bandung. The city of Bandung is known as a very interesting tourist destination to visit. It turns out, there are not only tours or artificial ones that are a favorite. You can also enjoy a variety of culinary tours that are no less delicious. Bandung is a city that is never empty of visitors. The cool air, friendly residents and neatly arranged cities are one of the main attractions for travelers. There are many places in Bandung that are suitable to visit to spend the holidays.

Besides being known to have a variety of cool and exciting tourist attractions to visit, Bandung also has many tourist destinations that you can visit in the north, south, west and east. Starting from nature tourism, culinary tours to lodging places that really attract a lot of attention

Great Culinary Place in Bandung

Batagor Kingsley
There are so many places that sell delicious batagor in Bandung, but Batagor Kingsley is one of the most famous and legendary delicious culinary in Bandung. Although now there are several Batagor Kingsley branches that you can find in Bandung, it is the location at Jalan Veteran No. 25 that is the pioneer. The price is a bit pricey, but the batagor and siomay Kingsley is delicious and lasts up to 1 x 24 hours (it can last a little longer if put in the freezer), so they are often used as souvenirs. A few tips if you want to come here, because it is on a one-way lane, you should go slowly so you don’t miss it.

Cihanjuang Honey Donuts
If you usually eat donuts using powdered sugar, now the sugar in these donuts is replaced with honey so that the sweetness is natural and makes you addicted! The adorable shape, the varied toppings, and the low price make Cihanjuang Honey Donuts selling well for buyers. If you want to order dozens, the price is only around 24 thousand for 1/2 dozen.

Se’i Sapi Lamalera
For those who don’t know, Sei Sapi Lamalera is a restaurant that serves culinary sei or traditional smoked beef culinary typical of East Nusa Tenggara, Kupang. At the restaurant located on Jl. Bagus Rangin No.24a, Lebakgede, you can enjoy the delicious aroma of smoked beef combined with selected spices. Served with various variants of complementary chili sauce, vegetables and side sauce, the beef dishes that are rich in spices here are sure to make you add more and more. Don’t forget to try the se’i ribs and beef tongue using sambal lu’at or sambal matah.

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Seblak at Cisangkuy Market
The name is also a market, you can find anything at Cisangkuy Market, from cooking spices to market snacks that are difficult to resist, such as cake blocks, kue cubit, yogurt, spring rolls, to seblak. If you are curious, seblak in Cisangkuy Market is famous for being delicious. The price is not up to Rp. 10 thousand. Great, right!

Mang Udju Block Cake
This Mang Udju block cake is famous for its thick dough and its texture which is always soft and not as sticky as other block cakes. Selling block cakes with various flavors and toppings (choco chips, cheese, nuts, raisins, etc.), you shouldn’t miss this shop when you visit Bandung. The unit, this cake is sold for IDR 2 thousand or IDR 20 thousand if you want to buy a box containing 10 cakes.

Seblak Oces

Besides batagor, cuanki, or cilok, another typical Bandung culinary is seblak or crackers cooked using gravy. You can try Seblak Oces which is on Jalan Dipati Ukur. There are 2 types of seblak here, namely wet seblak and dry seblak. The price offered varies from Rp. 6,000 to Rp. 12,000 depending on the choice of toppings.

Mi Yamin at Linggarjati Restaurant

Another Bandung culinary that you can try is Mi Yamin at Linggarjati Restaurant. Mi Yamin is one of the delicious foods in Bandung. You can eat Bandung culinary at Linggarjati Restaurant. This specialty restaurant serving various types of noodles is famous for its legendary yamin menu. Even this place is called the elder of Mi Yamin Bakso in Bandung. Established since 1950, this restaurant is located on Jalan Balong Gede No 1.

Sweet bread from Sumber Dish Bakery

The bread made by Sumber Dishes Bakery is a Bandung culinary that you must taste. Established in 1929, this bakery that sells various types of Dutch cakes and breads is located on Jalan Braga No. 22-22, Bandung City. Still maintaining the taste and quality as well as the atmosphere that is still maintained as before, making its customers feel like they are being dragged down the aisle of time and back to the days before the 45s.

This shop is one of the companies that make bread, cakes and various other sweet snacks. In addition, this place also sells homemade ice cream with a different taste from the ice cream that exists today. Here, you can still find delicious Dutch food. There are Moorkoppen, Bokkepootjes, and Tompoesjes.

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