Interesting Facts about Manimbora Island

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Interesting Facts about Manimbora Island

Interesting Facts about Manimbora Island – Usually during the holidays people spend time on vacation somewhere. Places that are usually used are islands or beaches that still have a small number of visitors. This island, which is located in the Berau area, East Kalimantan, is often known as the Spongebob island in Indonesia. This is because the island is small and uninhabited. In addition, this tourist destination is also equipped with small bluish waves. Do not forget also the white sand on the coast which adds to the beauty.

Besides being equipped with natural natural scenery, the island of Manimbora also has various interesting activities and is able to provide tranquility for tourists.

Manimbora Island also offers a variety of natural and cultural charms that can add to the uniqueness of this remote island.

1. Tourist destinations
The island, which is located in Batu Putih District, is filled with rows of coconut trees. The coconut tree was able to blend with the white sand and turquoise sea water.

You can enjoy the natural scenery here by walking around the island for 15 minutes. In addition, the island of Manimbora also provides various water activities, such as swimming or diving.

You can also capture the moment accompanied by interesting and charming natural scenery, here.

2. Accommodation and facilities
If you decide to visit this remote island, then you are only allowed to go around the island. You are also not recommended to stay or stay on this small island.

With the sun being hot enough, you are also advised to bring and wear sunblock. You can add Manimbora Island as an alternative tourist destination, when visiting Derawan Island in East Kalimantan.

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3. Mystery on the island of Manimbora
If you are someone with a great adventurous spirit, then you can find and visit mysterious locations on this island.

The island, which is located in Berau Regency, East Kalimantan, has piles of human bones. Not only that, there is also a board made of wood and placed near the pile of bones.

In addition, you can also find and visit a building that is used as a tomb. The place is equipped with a yellow mosquito net, and is surrounded by a wooden fence that can add a mystical aura.

4. Community traditions
The local people of this area often hold ritual events which are held once a year. You can watch and witness this ritual event if the time is right.

In addition, you can also see various piles of original human bones and skulls which are one of the ritual forms of the Bajau tribe. The Bajau tribe itself is located on the island of Balikukup.

Well, the people of the Bajau tribe will bury their people on the island of Manimbora which will be fenced off. Some of the bones will be left scattered with stakes around it.

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