The typical beef ribs of South Sulawesi are konro soup

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The typical beef ribs of South Sulawesi are konro soup

The typical beef ribs of South Sulawesi are konro soup –  For people who like various soups or potent foods, you must try this soup, especially when it rains to warm the body. South Sulawesi is culturally a home to many tribes. Based on the culinary, this province has a lot of delicious food from Bugis to Toraja. One of the most delicious and well-known foods from this region is soup konro. This soup is very well known in Makassar even at the national level.

Konro is a traditional food that has been around for several hundred years. Over time, soup konro also turned into food as we know it today. In essence, soup konro is a soup whose main ingredient is beef ribs. As you can imagine, this food is very tasty. However, this food is a thick soup, unlike the chicken soup we know has clear soup. The aroma of the broth from the ribs makes the food even more delicious. At first glance, this food will remind you of curry.

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why this soup is so thick is the addition of coconut milk, chilies, and spices. You may feel the spicy taste of spices such as ginger, galangal, cinnamon, cardamom, and cumin. The soup will appear dark, almost black in fact. The broth will taste even better after you use it to cook the ribs. After this food is cooked, the scallions and fried onions are added.

Konro soup is actually a traditional food served only on special occasions. In the past, you could only enjoy soup konro when there were special events such as weddings, circumcisions, or religious events. At that time, they didn’t use beef ribs, but buffalo ribs. In almost all regions of Sulawesi, buffalo are important animals needed for important events. Sop Konro is one of the original culinary delights of South Sulawesi. In the past, there was rarely the opportunity to enjoy this traditional food because it was only served on special occasions. Feel the pleasure, this food will surprise you.


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