The World’s Oldest Cafe

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The World’s Oldest Cafe

The World’s Oldest Cafe – The cafe is the most suitable choice to relax while enjoying coffee. Behind the delicious food and coffee, these cafes have interesting historical stories. The cafe has been known since hundreds of years ago. The proof is that there are many cafes with hundreds of years old buildings that are still beautiful today.

Among the many cafes in the world, it turns out that there are a number of cafes that have existed for a long time. These old cafes have a lot of history and are unique in their own right. Usually old cafes have past interiors that are maintained for the sake of character. Besides abroad, there is also one of the old cafes in Indonesia.

The World’s Oldest Cafe

Le Prosope
Cafe Le Proscope is the oldest cafe in Paris. Originally this building was founded in 1686. This cafe was built by someone who is a gelato lover. Le Prosope is a legendary place, because since its construction it has become a meeting place between the greatest writers and intellectuals, such as Denis Diderot, Voltaire, and Rousseau.

The decor in this cafe is very classic in order to maintain the past. The cafe offers traditional bourgeois cuisine through different specialties, rooster au vin and veal, braised beef cheeks, mille-feuille made in the traditional way.

Baratti & Milano
This cafe is a historic cafe located in the heart of the old city of Turin, Italy. This place was founded by Ferdinando Baratti and Edoardo Milano in 1858 who intended to open this cafe and restaurant. Even Edoarado Milano moved to Paris to learn new recipes.

This cafe has an interior that is no less cool than cafes in other countries. The walls of the cafe are decorated with unique carved double ornaments. It looks luxurious because the cafe doors are lined with gold and framed with mirrors. Since it was built, this cafe has always maintained its interior design

Caffe Florian
In Venice you can taste very delicious variety of cakes, coffee, snacks. This legendary cafe was first built in 1720. Designed with super majestic glass windows. Initially it had two rooms, now Caffe Florian has 5 rooms. The tables are made of marble, furnished with red chairs.

You will be served by waiters who are neatly dressed in elegant white jackets. With adequate facilities this cafe is suitable as a place for various gatherings, such as birthday parties, weddings, or business meetings.

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Caffe Reggio
Caffe Reggio can be found in New York City. This cafe, which was built in 1927, has become a historic coffee shop. Even in this cafe there is an original espresso machine made in 1902. The machine was bought by Domesnico Parisi who is the founder of the cafe with his savings.

This cafe is very famous, because it became a shooting location for several famous films as well. These films include The Godfather Part II, Next Stop, Greenwich Village, The Kremlin Letter, Shaft, Serpico, The Next Man, In Good Company, Inside Llewyn Davis and many more.

A Brasileria
Café A Brasileria is a famous cafe located in the old area of ​​Lisbon. The cafe was founded by Adrian Telles to import and sell Brazilian coffee in the 19th century. This cafe has a long hall with black and white marble floors. There are also friezes and square pillars along the walls.

This coffee shop is said to be the birthplace of the great Bica espresso. Once a stronghold of intellectuals, this place is also very popular with tourists, for its food. If you want to dine while enjoying the atmosphere of the old town of Lisbon, this could be the right choice.

Tahmis Kahvesi
This cafe, located in Gaziantep, Turkey, is also historic. Behind the crisis in Syria, cafes have become a safe place to just have a coffee and relax. The interior of this cafe is also fairly classic. Large windows adorn every wall of the cafe. Equipped with a wooden table and chairs.

If you want to enjoy Turkish coffee served in a traditional way, you must visit this place while on vacation. This cafe that has been around for centuries has a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

Café Tortoni
Café Tortoni is one of the favorite cafes in Buenos Aries. The building was founded in 1858 by Touan, an immigrant from France. Then the building was purchased by Don Celestino Curutchet to be used as the Art and Literature Association of Buneos Aires in 1920. And now this building has been transformed into a cafe with classic interiors.

The interior of the cafe is designed with a stained glass ceiling worth Rp. 20 billion. The more looks very majestic with the addition of Tiffany Art Nouveau lights. The tables in this cafe are covered with marble. Downstairs there are always interesting events. Such as poetry readings and very popular tango performances.

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